#DECONGEST: A non-profit company that focuses on raising awareness of green mobility innovations in urban South Africa through electric bicycle rides, bicycle networks and cycle commuter research.


A positive addition to the current streetscape and urban fabric of Sandton.



Bicycle parking and charging facilities

Mobile device charging stations

Electric car / bus parking and charging facilities

Shared values and enthusiasm for the topic between Boogertman + Partners and #DECONGEST led to the beginning of a design process where Boogertman + Partners Architects designed all aspects of the proposed Green Mobility Hub Concepts.


Thorough market research was conducted by all parties with regards to current available technology, similar international concepts, available materials and the functionality of the mobility hubs.



This concept references the engineering magic of the common petrol station canopy with a single column touching down. This allows for a very open and clean floor plan whilst creating an eye-catching silhouette. The structural feat seems like something from the future and presents a minimal sci-fi identity.

There is also an opportunity to play with the shape of the roof - depending on the solar energy scheme.

The layout is the same for each design concept, with the bike docking and charging separated from the seating and device charging area.