Steyn City Clubhouse.

Steyn City Clubhouse
Johannesburg, South Africa
Steyn City Properties
Completed 2014

Team: Jean Grobler; Ridhwaan Essa;

While the traditional notion of the golf clubhouse is to stand out in the most ostentatious way possible, and to overshadow the natural environment, the Steyn City Clubhouse goes out of its way to do the opposite.

On a site that was once an abandoned quarry, the Steyn City Clubhouse utilises the landscape itself to create shelter and space, blurring the boundaries between natural and built, achieving a constant connection with nature. The grassland sweeps over the architecture, and it in turn merges with its surroundings by exploiting the slope of the land to intentionally reduce its scale.

2014 Emirates Glass LEAF Awards Winner - Hospitality Building of the Year
2014 Loerie Awards Winner; Category Communication Design - Architecture
2015 SAPOA Awards Winner: Other Developments
2015 WAF Awards: Completed Sports Buildings, Shortlisted Finalist
2015 World Golf Awards: World’s Best Clubhouse
2015 WAF Awards: Shortlisted Finalist, Completed Sports Buildings