Omnicane Urban Development.

Omnicane Urban Development
Mon Tresor, Mauritius

Team: Marinda Bjornstad; Michelle Belamant; John Chapman

During 2011, the Omnicane property development team focused primarily on a definition of a new strategy for this sector. The group is striving to achieve the right mix of build-to-sell and build-to-lease projects over identified portions of the group’s land assets to ensure its long-term revenue-generation capacity. The first component of the mix will provide the required financial resources for the group’s most immediate industrial investments while funding the second component, a real-estate portfolio of income-generating assets.

It is Omnicane’s view that the development of the airport area is timely and poised to meet the country’s will to step up as a regional hub. The Mon Trésor area is the southern tip of the SSR International Airport-Grand Baie spinal chord and business corridor, connecting in its length the Ebène business park and the country’s capital. This strategy was presented to the European Investment Bank, who has agreed to fund the development of our urban plan for the region through a grant. A team of professionals will therefore be appointed through an international tender. Its objective will be the delivery to Omnicane of a detailed master plan, using best urban design practice. Its deliverables will include a market study, a longterm urban development vision, a technical review of existing constraints, an environmental impact assessment, and an urban development master plan. Due care will be given to employment creation, affordable housing and the MID concept.