Newtown Cultural Precinct.

Newtown Cultural Precinct
Johannesburg, South Africa
Atterbury Properties

Director: Francois Bredenkamp
Team: Cliff Gouws; Buckley Thompson; Jaci Nel

The Newtown Cultural Precinct (or previously known as Brickfields) developed as the first industrial node in the city of Johannesburg, which accommodated various industry related functions. Today the area is defined by a mix in urban fabric, where contemporary residential and commercial developments share space with industrial relics dating from Newtown’s history. World renowned landmarks like the “Park-Halt Station”, Mary Fitzgerald square and the Museum Africa market building shares boundaries with museums, public spaces and art centres, enhancing the contradictions in the area.

A brief was developed to address the identity issue in Newtown by conceptualising a new masterplan framework which is focused on integration. The design collates various heritage landmarks with contemporary commercial and retail uses, ultimately promoting a contemporary cultural precinct. A new concept was developed in order to increase densities, strengthen pedestrianism and upgrade safety within the basis of sensitivity and sustainability.

2016 WAF Awards Shortlisted finalist: Masterplanning Future Category