Fourways Mall.

Fourways Mall Extension + Renovation
Johannesburg, South Africa
Fourways Precinct Pty Ltd
Under construction

Director: Hennie Coetsee
Team: Martin Victor; Anneke Dearlove; Rakesh Rajhkoomar

The existing Fourways Mall regional shopping centre of some 65,000sqm has been a catalyst for the entire Fourways node of shopping and residential expansion since 1990. It has continued to trade from the original footprint since that time with only minor additions. It is now undersized and outdated and requires a makeover and extension to meet the current demands of tenants for more space and from customers for an improved shopping experience.

This large extension to the Fourways Mall has been long anticipated and has been preceded by extensive planning over some years. The major structure now to be constructed will result in a significant mall of world-class standard and will be one of South Africa’s finest examples of retail planning excellence, providing an exemplary customer shopping experience.