City Lodge Newtown.

City Lodge Newtown
Johannesburg, South Africa
City Lodge Hotel Group
Completed 2016

Directors: Anton Koekemoer; Francois Bredenkamp
Team: Greg Reid; Abrie Vermeulen; Alfie Botha; Reinmar Biesenbach; Ridhwaan Sujee; Skye Meyer; Smita Wghmarae; Terri Turner

The Concept: Architecture + Texture.

Before being burnt down predominantly in 1904, Newtown was a successful industrial town. Most of the town was rebuilt and renamed later that year. The industrial architecture and materials predominant in Newtown today create a distinctive textural palette which is interpreted into the proposed interiors of City Lodge. By Juxtaposing the traditionally hard finishes of facebrick, concrete and steel with soft fabrics and warm timber tones, a balance is found between the surrounding City and the Interior City Lodge brand.