Basil Read.

Basil Read Head Office
Johannesburg, South Africa
BAsil Read Pty Ltd
Completed 2011

Director: Andre Wright
Team: Anneke Dearlove; Elene Olwagen

Through innovative use of space, color, texture and graphic design, Basil Read’s new head office interiors emphasizes the creative value their services provide in infrastructure development. Their brand identity is manifested in the interior where the construction landscape is transformed into a play of lines and a series of rhythms. The graphic doodles flow from the skyline onto the frameless glass partitions, and appear to suspend in mid air like a rhythmic gymnasts ribbon, frozen in space and time. These lines manifest into everyday activities on a building site such as builders having lunch, architects carrying the all-important rolls of paper, and security guards keeping a watchful eye over the building. These phantom characters seem to populate the space, even when there is no one around. Not even a mouse.