Chancery Building Embassy of Algeria.

New Chancery Building, Embassy of Algeria
Pretoria, South Africa
Algerian Embassy
Future Project

Director: Dewar van Antwerpen
Team: Lila Gouws; Gisela Patlansky; Megan Krause; Jaco Groenewald

The project is the winning entry in an open tender/competition for the design of a New Chancery Building for the Embassy of Algeria in Pretoria. The brief calls for the design of a new chancery building for the embassy (housing its diplomatic offices, military offices and ambassador’s suites). An additional consular block is also requested where processing of visas and other public functions will be accommodated. The brief insists that the Algerian aesthetic be integrated into a contemporary design and that the design would translate into a certified Green building. Only the highest quality materials, specifications and furniture is acceptable. The entire development consists of a developable area of 3600sqm bulk and a height restriction of 2 storeys (10m).